Student Organizations

MSU has over 700 registered student organizations. There are many RSO's that focus on facets of the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Below are some that relate to campus' entrepreneurship and innovation culture. Check out the community page to read more and connect with the organizations listed below.

American Advertising Federation, MSU Chapter: Provide members with the closest possible experience to working in a real advertising agency and creating a campaign for a real client and pitching the campaign to professionals.

American Marketing Association, MSU: Foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing.

American Society of Civil Engineers: Encourage the development of a professional consciousness, to afford an opportunity for civil engineering students to become acquainted and to practice working together effectively.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Provide students and faculty with a connection to the engineering profession outside of the classroom.

Associated Students for Career Orientation in Technology: Supply the knowledge base necessary for a Media and Information student to acquire a position in a technology-related field.

Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU): Enhance the individual and collective student experience through education, empowerment and advocacy by dedication to the needs and interests of students.

Broad China Business Society: Promote an international business atmosphere and provide future career opportunities. develop a global network of business professional who produce and innovate events and activities that benefit the individuals and communities involved.

China Entrepreneur Network: To promote entrepreneurship and business networking to explore business opportunity both in the US and China.

Collegiate DECA: To serve as a professional organization, providing leadership and career-oriented opportunities to develop and enhance tomorrow's leaders.

Design for America: To work in interdisciplinary student teams using design to create local and social impact.

Entrepreneurship Association, MSUEA: Create and nurture a community of students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation at Michigan State University. Events reflect the interest of those students within the context of entrepreneurship and innovation, and may change along with students interest. Starting businesses in conjunction with business incubators at MSU will be encouraged for those who express interest, but not the focus.

Fashion Design Student Association: To connect all interested in the fashion industry and further enhance collaborative and individual design.

International Students in Engineering: Unite all international students who are pursuing engineering majors at MSU.

Leaders in Information Technology: Improve the knowledge of information technology to prepare future IT professionals.

Marketing Association, MSU: To focus on building relationships and advancing our professional growth through first hand interaction with business professionals.

Marketing Mix, MSU: A unique organization to give students hands-on real life business and marketing experience.

Materials Science and Engineering Society: Excite young minds and provide networking opportunities for materials science and engineering students.

Michigan State University Black Chamber of Commerce (MSUBCC): The first collegiate chapter of the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce. Strive to cultivate and grow the entrepreneurial spirit of MSU students. A sub chapter of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce, and located on the campus of MSU. Bi-weekly, MSUBCC has meetings constructed to educate minority students, interested in being entrepreneurs, on how to start their own business.

MSUBCC Website

Multicultural Business Students: An organization to help develop multicultural students to become business professionals.

Real Estate Investment Club: To give students with real estate interests networking opportunities by traveling, touring and bringing in speakers.

Residential Business Program Leadership Council: To encourage striving young individuals who want to become business leaders a chance to become involved.

Spartan Hackers: Spartan Hackers exists to foster a community of technological innovation, collaboration and creation at Michigan State University.

Women in Business Students Association: To help students int he area of business so that they are able to advance in their academic and professional career.