Burgess New Venture Challenge Announces Inaugural Competition Winners Circle with Right Arrow Icon

(April 18, 2019) The Burgess New Venture Challenge (BNVC), an early-stage pitch competition bringing together Michigan State University student entrepreneurs and business leaders from across Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, announces the winners of its first annual contest. Last evening, fifteen Michigan State University student startups pitched their ideas to a panel of expert judges, competing for scholarship prizes totaling over $40k in scholarship funding.

Innovation is a Spartan State of Mind Circle with Right Arrow Icon

(MSU Today, November 27, 2017) For Michigan State University Spartans, entrepreneurship is more than a skill or discipline—it’s a mindset. It’s a way of thinking and working that opens doors, creates connections and accelerates innovation across disciplines.

Spartan innovators imagine a better world, then work to make it a reality. MSU supports them by connecting them to experienced business leaders and start-up funding opportunities and by cultivating university-wide entrepreneurship programs and community collaborations.

Testing the Waters: Broad Students Swim with Shark Tank Judges Circle with Right Arrow Icon

(Caroline Brooks, Eli Broad College of Business News, April 22, 2016) Pitching your best idea to two moguls whose combined net worth tops $150 million has a “sink or swim” feeling to it – especially going into the pitch knowing that those two moguls have achieved stardom by sinking countless other great ideas in their hit TV show, “Shark Tank.”