490: Independent Study

At MSU, an independent study is a course that a student arranges to take in consultation with a sponsoring  faculty member. It can be on any topic, and for any number of credit-hours (subject to university guidelines). Any independent study course could count as an elective with the approval from the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship. You MUST obtain prior approval before the start of the semester you wish to do your independent study. You can schedule an appointment by emailing eship at msu.edu of sending a message through the contact page.

The Director will need to know the following:

  • Your name, major and graduation year
  • What courses have you already taken that will count toward the 15 credit-hours in the Minor?
  • Aside from this one, what other courses do you intend to take to round out the 15 hours?
  • Do you know yet how you will complete your two E&I Experiences? If so, please provide a brief explanation.
  • For this course, please describe:
    • What college/department will it be in?
    • The instructor’s name and email address
    • A detailed description of what you intend to do (you would have needed to discuss this already with your instructor)
    • How many credit-hours is it?
    • What is the MSU course number?
    • If possible, include a copy of the Application for Independent Study form.

Note that a student cannot earn an E&I Experience in an independent study course.