MKT 420: New Product Design and Development

 New products are vital to all firms. The success of new products can drive growth and shareholder value, lead to significant competitive advantage, and help the firm leapfrog ahead of its competitors. However, innovation is risky and a majority of new products fail in the marketplace. Often, failure originates from an ineffective process. Thus, expertise in designing and marketing of new products is critical for business and engineering managers. 

This course focuses on the development of and marketing new products that incorporate biomechanical function. Biomechanical products function mechanically with people or other animals. Some typical product areas are tools, medical devices, devices to enable people with disabilities, seating, protective equipment, human-machine interfaces, and sports equipment. Synthesis and analysis of biomechanical product design includes consideration of the biomechanical function with mechanical design, aesthetic design, market research, and project management. Product design and management will be illustrated by cases from the instructors’ experiences, guest lecturers, and the literature. 


Open to seniors in the Eli Broad College of Business and The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management or in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor.

Semester Alias: MSC 420